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Play if it's your birthday


  • Dhalia is a sultry, bedroom pop, R&B artist whose smooth yet strong sound has become notorious for stealing the hearts of listeners across the country. Dhalia, who is from Norfolk, Virginia, first found her passion for singing at sixteen. Since then she has made quite the name for herself as an artist, has become a self taught engineer, and has received a scholarship to the Musicians Institute where she is furthering her musical career. Although music is her main focus at the moment, that is not where her talents end. Dahlia is also a self taught visual producer/director. She has been working on her own photo and visual productions last May and has been putting more and more energy into creating stunning visuals. The young enchantress receives inspiration for her dreamy, delightful music and visual creativity from artists and directors like Clairo, Doja cat, ertha kit, Amy Winehouse, Quinten Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Cole Bennett and so many other great artists. Other things that inspire Dhalia’s music and visual talents are video games, her relationships, 90's fashion, and her constant day dreaming. Currently Dhalia resides in LA where she continues to work on her crafts and to breath in the inspiration of the city. Her plans for the future include finishing school at Musicians Institute and producing more visuals to add to her portfolio. Stay . tuned for regular updates and website exclusive releases.



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